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03 Dec 2017 Penn Wealth RePoRt volume 5 issue 03 5 Penn Wealth RePoRt Copyright 2017. All Rights Reserved. the Week in chaRts Charts tell the story. Here are some of our favorites from recent days. For the top business and economics stories of the week, visit Penn...After Hours at Chipotle plummets After all Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG $274- $277-$499) has been through since their first outbreak of e-Coli, it is hard to imagine their situation descending further into the abyss. Yet, after another blah earnings report, the stock price dropped 15% in one day. The company is now trading down 44% since spring. So much for the queso bounce. Ford, GM divergence US crude production hits new high Take a look at the divergence in Ford and GM's stock performance over the past year. Is GM really a better company? What about div- idend yield? Ford is returning 5% to investors, while GM's dividend yield is 3.3%. Going for- ward, which company is a better investment? Our members and clients know what we think—we bought Ford in the Global Leaders Club. Did OPEC really think they could crush US shale producers? On the back of oil nearing $60 per barrel once again, weekly US crude production hit an all-time high of 9.62 mil- lion barrels per day for the week ending 03 November.

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